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New Prices, Same Service

I was at the grocery store recently and I like many of you, I thought the cash register was broken. How can these couple of items, cost that much money. Unless you have been lost at sea or hiding under a rock, you have noticed the increase of prices for just about everything. As a small business owner, I have hesitated to raise my prices. The time has come that I am raising my prices. I am also adding some new services to our menu. I understand the change might be challenging for some. I appreciate all of my clients for their support. I treat everyone who sits in my antique Paidar barber chair with the same respect and gratitude. I have included an updated price list and service list below. The new price change is effective on May 1, 2023.

New Services:

•Black Mask Treatment

•Barber Facial

•VIP Haircut (includes haircut, hot towel, steamer)

•VIP Haircut & Beard (includes haircut & beard, hot towel, steamer)

New Price List:

Men's Haircut -$35

Men's Haircut/Beard-$45

Father/ Son Combo ( 10 & under)- $60

Father/ Son Combo ( 11 & over)-$65

Boy's Haircut (10 & under only) -$30

Senior Haircut-$30

Active Duty Military Haircut-$30

VIP Haircut $45

VIP Haircut & Beard $55


Beard Alone-$25

Barber Facial-$20

Black Mask Treatment-$15


*All Long Hair Haircuts are subject to an additional charge.

This list is detailed, but the Booksy app is easy to navigate. Simply select the service that you would like to book and choose the date and time.

Head to to book your next appointment. Thank You

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